Why would you want to work with a nutritional therapist?I carry out many Food Detective tests on people with health issues. After receiving their results, the first question nearly everyone asks is 'Well what can I eat?'

The aim of the Elimination Diet is not to deprive you but to enrich your diet. Hopefully you will introduce a broader variety of nutritious foods. Who better to help than someone who can suggest new ingredients and recipes that suit your lifestyle and preferences?

If there are no nutritional therapists close to you, e-mail us (info@nutricentric.com) and we will see if there's a way we can bring you in contact with one. 
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Note that the title 'nutritionist' is not (yet) legally protected. Not all therapists are listed on the website above, but be sure to check the qualification and experience of anyone who isn't. 

As not all therapists are familiar with this test, also check

  1. that they have experience applying the results of a food IgG test like Food Detective
  2. that they will also review other aspects of your diet that may be contributing to symptoms (e.g. sugars and related foods)