South Asian Foods
The original Food Detective and Food Detective Professional food panels cover some of the most commonly eaten foods worldwide. 

Being of an inquiring nature, I ran an initial trial of Food Detective on close to 100 people before I began to distribute to others. Most were in Ireland (RoI and NI) but I also brought tests on my travels and ran 6 in Korea (Seoul), 8 in China (Beijing and Qingdao), 4 in Austria (Linz) and two in Germany (Eppstein and Hamburg). 

The Chinese results, though few in number, showed the lowest range of positive results. The small numbers don't allow conclusions, but can be viewed in the context of wider data showing that immune disorders and sensitivities are considerably more common in areas of affluence and greater economic development.  

My years working in East Asia, reading Asian medical media, taught me that diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases of affluence were more common in South Asia and the Middle East than in the Far East. 

In Ireland, there are also growing numbers of people who don't eat the mainstream Irish diet, whether for philosophical, religious or health reasons. So when Cambridge Nutritional Sciences developed the Food Detective Indian Subcontinent panel, I wanted to also make this available here.

The list of foods covered is as follows:
  • GRAINS: Oats, Wheat, Rice, Corn, Semolina (Rawa), Barley, Rye, Flaxseed (a non-grass grain)
  • GLUTEN: (extracted from wheat, but tested separately)
  • NUTS: Almond, Cashew, Walnut
  • TEA
  • MEATS: Chicken, Lamb, Pork
  • FISH: King Fish (Surmai), Mackerel (Bangda), Prawn (Jhinga, Chingri)  
  • CARROT MIX:  Carrot, Celery
  • NIGHTSHADE VEGETABLES: Potato, Brinjal, Green and yellow Pepper Mix, Tomato
  • ONION FAMILY: Onion, garlic
  • PULSES: Tur Dal (Split pigeon pea,  pisum sativum), Chana Dal (Chickpea, Garbanzo bean), Moong Dal (Mung bean), Legume Mix (Pea, Red bean, Kidney & Haricot ), Peanut, Soya bean, Cocoa bean
  • GOURD MIX: Melon, Cucumber
  • FRUITS: Apple, Black Raisin, Strawberry
  • CITRUS FRUIT MIX: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit 
If you believe that this range of foods would be more suitable in your case, please contact me (

As this page may be read separately from the rest of the website, I'd like to just re-iterate that Food Detective is an ELISA-based IgG food antibody test. It doesn't screen for food allergy. Instead, it is used as the basis for a 12-week Elimination-Re-challenge Diet for diagnosis and treatment of food intolerances. Where major dietary change is contemplated, it is important to ensure that the diet remains balanced and nutritious. Substitution, NOT starvation! 

We recommend working with a nutritional therapist (or a dietician familiar with this technology). 

We have IgE tests - which also include some foods - but these are not available in a home test version.

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