Technically, the Food Detective Professional is registered (also with the UK authorities and the Irish Medicines Board) as an in-vitro Diagnostic Medical Device. It is also CE-marked, essentially confirming that it is what it says, and complies with all relevant EU Health & Safety and environmental standards.

The kit contains all needed components

  • Antiseptic wipes and plasters
  • Two lancets for finger prick
  • Two (one spare) industry-standard tiny pipettes (as test-tube)
  • 3 Reaction Solutions, marked A, B and C
  • 2 large bottles of rinsing solution (marked D)
  • One reaction tray, with indentations/wells containing the individual purified food antigens
  • One disposal bag

As it is intended for professional use, you will likely be carrying out the test on another person. We can provide a written Standard Operating Procedure, Case Record/Lab report forms and test report forms. Ideally, you would also have access to a timer (or watch, or mobile phone alarm), surgical or rubber gloves, and a sink or basin.

It is also possible for a patient/client to take the blood sample at home and bring the diluted blood sample (already in the appropriate diluent bottle) to a nutritional consultation.

If you are worried about taking the blood sample, contact to get our free guide to collecting a blood sample.

If you'd prefer Nutricentric to analyze your samples instead, you can place the full capillary tube in the bottle of Solution A and post it (and the rest of the kit contents) to us. For €25.00, we will analyze the sample and post your results to you. 


“The test was simple to do at home and it was convenient to have results available immediately.

I was satisfied with the test itself, but I also received outstanding support and advice since my first contact with the clinic.

I would recommend anybody who wants to improve their nutrition to perform the test. The results can be unexpected (as they were in my case) and of great help”

Anne Nosal, Dublin