The Report
We recommend that you complete the report with a qualified nutritionist. However if you are doing this from home please print out our handy results sheet to record your scores.

This will give you a handy record of your results and can even be brought in to a nutritionist to help them advise you on diet.

How to use our online test report

When reading the tray, the positive control should be read as 5, and the negative as 0. Rate other reactive foods in comparison to these and move the cursor to the appropriate spot on the table (left) to generate a report.

Identify the Reactive Foods

Foods are located in positions 1 – 46 of the reaction tray.

Deep blue spots denote a strong reaction, and paler spots represent mild reactions. If foods remain white, this denotes a negative result. If a food item shows a thin ring around the food item, but not in the centre, this is also a negative result.

Good luck with the test!

If instead of printing an online report, you would prefer to use a hand-filled form, you can download it here.