As a practitioner I found the home kit very handy when I needed quick results to be able to work on food intolerances. Results are shown to be reliable when intolerance-detected foods are spotted on the tray and by removing them from the diet the symptoms are reduced or disappear.

Amparo Hernandez-Sanchez
Nutritional Therapist, Waterford

The Food Detective kit offers a very quick, easy to use, cost-effective method of testing for food intolerances with clients. It is the first antibody-based test that can be performed on the spot, giving results in just 40 minutes. The kit is supplied with a very convenient and informative booklet explaining the test procedure and food groups. I have seen great improvements in clients, including children, following elimination of the identified foods. The test kit has enormous benefits for clients, the main one being the speed of results allowing them to eliminate the intolerant foods immediately and see rapid improvements in their health.

Aoife B.
Nutritional Therapist, Limerick


"My good luck in Dublin"

During the summer, I visited Dublin and a friend told me about the Food Intolerance Test. She explained that in case of intolerance you can get inflammation and bad digestion, amongst other symptoms. As this described me perfectly, I went to a pharmacy, and took the test. A fair amount of intolerances showed up, some of them where I reacted very strongly (milk, eggs, nuts, gluten, beans). I got a shock but I decided to give it a go. I had nothing to lose and if it worked probably a lot to win.

Over 2 months later, I can say that I feel so much better and I expect that I will continue improving by the day, as it has happened over the past months. I have lost only around 2 kilo but the impression is I have lost 6! I have lost most of the inflammation in my body, my belly was really huge all of the time as it was accumulating inflammation during the day. Now I get up and go to bed with exactly the same belly. Not only have I lost the bulge on the belly and waist, it is general in my body, legs and face. I feel really much lighter. And I actually eat a lot from the allowed foods. On top of this improvement - and my biggest reason to keep going - is that I also feel an improvement in my Sjoegren's Disease. I had it diagnosed 3 years ago and it has been worsening over this period with joint paints and lots of dryness. My joints have improved for the first time in 3-years and I have not changed any other thing apart from my diet. I will definitely continue with the diet.

Yolanda C (tested in Dun Laoghaire) 

Webmaster's Note: Sjøgren’s Disease is an auto-immune rheumatic condition. Symptoms include dryness of the mouth and eyes. Omega-3 Fatty Acids are amongst the few therapeutic options with any supportive data (Yolanda had been taking these too). Treatment generally involves copious use of eye moisturising products as well as heightened dental care and other symptomatic support. 


Easy to do

The test was simple to do at home and it was convenient to have results available immediately.

I was satisfied with the test itself, but I also received outstanding support and advice since my first contact with the clinic.

I would recommend anybody who wants to improve their nutrition to perform the test. The results can be unexpected (as they were in my case) and of great help

Anne Nosal, Dublin

"I can feel the difference”

Helen, Gorey, Co. Wexford

“My psoriasis started with a shock. I slipped coming down Croagh Patrick. I’d say I’ve gone through bucket loads of steroid creams since. Sometimes, I’d be slipping out of my shoes there was that much ointment. Symptoms flared up and decreased but never went away. When it was bad I had to burst the blisters on my foot so I could fit into my shoes to go to work. After I got the test results, I changed my diet – dairy, especially cheese, was my downfall. The psoriasis went away. You can barely see where it was now. I'm generally good with my food now. I can even get away with an occasional cheese meal”

Georgina, Bray, Co. Wicklow