Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

PoC testing essentially seeks to replicate a laboratory service outside the laboratory, so quality control of the process is necessary. Both procedure and interpretation must be the same in Belfast as in Belmullet. Most of this task is accomplished by the test design and the manufacturer instructions, but Nutricentric also has Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which are more detailed and adapted to the testing environment that applies in a pharmacy or nutritional consultation. For nutritional tests, the SOPs also require that everybody tested – if tested by somebody without nutritional training - be given contact details for an appropriately qualified local nutritional therapist or dietician. The goal is consistency - without impinging on each professional’s exercise of judgement in applying the results.

SOPs are updated at least annually. If you have questions about SOPs or the various information gathering forms related to testing, please e-mail Suggestions for improvement are especially welcome. 

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