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Infants can be allergic to mother's milk too...

Mother's milk frequently contains milk proteins from cow's milk - due to consumption of dairy products. It is not surprising that some infants will also react to mother's milk. In this case study from Japan, a child failed to thrive on breast milk but reacted even more strongly (with severe diarrhoea and rectal bleeding) when given a cow's milk based infant formula. Allergy was confirmed by a positive skin-test for cow's milk allergy. The child was switched to a non-dairy amino-acid formula and thrived thereafter.

Yoshiyasu Ogata, Masafumi Zaitsu, Shuichi Yamamoto, Eriko Muro, Natsuko Nishi, Katsuya Tashiro & Rahmawati Minhajat World Allergy Organization Journal: November 2007 - Volume - Issue - p S290 doi: 10.1097/01.WOX.0000301473.36795.60


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