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Heavy metals (lead, cadmium) damage sperm but Vitamin C can help reduce damage

120 Indian workers2 who wereexposed to lead at their workplace (manufacturing batteries) were treated with1000mg of Vitamin C daily for 5 days a week over a month period. They werecompared with healthy controls who were not working in this hazardousenvironment. As expected, sperm quality, motility and count were lowered by theconstant lead exposure (compared to the control group) but the good news wasthat the use of Vitamin C significantly improved all the sperm parametersincluding reducing numbers of abnormal sperm.

Animalstudies also suggest that anti-oxidants can help reduce the damage to spermcaused by radiation treatment and environmental toxins

1.       2. Vani K, Kurakula M, Syed R,Alharbi K. ‘Clinical Relevance of Vitamin C Among Lead-Exposed Infertile Men’ GenetTest Mol Biomarkers. 2012 Jun 25


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