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Gluten intolerance

Gluten intolerance is obviously far more widespread than coeliac disease, but the official coeliac websites contain updated information on what products on our supermarket shelves are gluten-free.

The Coeliac Society of Ireland
Coeliac UK

Dairy Intolerance

I am still looking for a good, practical, web resource for people who do not tolerate cow’s milk proteins such as casein, or are lactose intolerant.

Having lived and worked in the Far East for many years, I know that most countries that avoid dairy foods get along just fine and don’t have more osteoporosis than here (if anything, the opposite may be true). However, in Ireland, dairy products are “part of what we are” and people often worry about suffering from calcium deficiency if they exclude milk, butter and cheese. For peace of mind, if nothing else, it is important to know that Calcium is in lots of foods, notably dark green vegetables such as broccoli, or “hard” calcium-rich water.

The following are sites that describe dairy intolerance.
Individual description of acid reflux and more severe symptoms in milk protein intolerance

This website has useful snippets about many intolerances and allergies

Other health maintenance resources

If you think that HSE/NICE/NHS cutbacks are already worrying, take a look at this short presentation by the LifeStar World Heath Initiative, which looks at how our current healthcare systems are not sustainable for even another decade

The SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Foundation was set up by Dr. Aubrey de Grey and is targeted at developing and publicising strategies that help repair and regenerate the body. At the 2009 SENS Conference in Queens’ College, Cambridge, the talk was of the need to focus on “healthspan” rather than lifespan. The Inflammation model of ill-health, nutrition and physical activity are important components, but the research covers pretty much everything that can affect healthspan. Some of the presentations and posters presented at recent SENS Conferences are available on the website:

If you think HSE, NICE and NHS cutbacks are worrying, take a look at this succinct presentation on the future of healthcare by the LifeStar World Health initiative.

Our Pilot Product - Food Detective

Nutritional therapy looks at optimizing health through working on food and nutrient intake. Some links to practitioners are appended, by county.

The Food Detective offers a way to kick-start the process of improving diet, by showing up those foods to which our body has developed high levels of IgG antibodies.

IgG antibodies in themselves need not be a medical problem, we tend to form them anytime a gut problem allows incompletely digested food into the bloodstream. It’s a matter of quantity. Our immune system can inactivate a certain amount of immune complexes, just as it can also inactivate a certain amount of bacteria.

However, a point is reached where the body’s capacity is exceeded. This point comes earlier when other inflammatory factors are present.

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